2019 has been a year of steady growth: almost exactly the same number of new downloads as the past couple of years, a slight increase in the number of monthly active users, and this staggering stat that between them they prayed for 18 million subjects across the year - 1.5 million every month!

User donations

One of the highlights of 2019 for us has been the blessing of seeing the generosity of the PrayerMate community at work, as we sought to raise some seed funding for our new Discipleship Tech charity. We thank God so much for all who supported our matched giving campaign back at Easter:

Community Video

It was such a joy to put together this "community" video during the year, celebrating the amazing range of people who use PrayerMate and those whom it helps them to pray for:

Some user reviews

Ultimately, the thing that gives us most joy is seeing how God has used PrayerMate in the lives of individual people. That's why we love reading people's feedback about how they have been helped in their prayer lives through using the app. Here's just a very small sample of some recent user reviews:

"My prayer life was chaotic, useless, mediocre ... and then I found PrayerMate. For those of you who, like me, have a rotten memory and find it difficult to pray regularly for friends, family, events, situations - try it. It gives me much-needed discipline, and encouragement as I see prayer answered."

"I use PrayerMate to write down and organise needs of the people and things I care about. PrayerMate helps me to keep track of them and the include them in my prayers day by day. A very useful app for bringing some order into my often disorganised prayer life."

"Like many I often struggle to make the time to pray or to remember all the people / events that I keep saying I will remember to pray for. PrayerMate has been fantastic so that I can build lists easily and edit them as need be. Poor memory is no longer a barrier to effective prayer life. Thanks for such a great, easy to use App and also for the regular reminders I have set up on PrayerMate to give me a gentle nudge."

"Thank you developers for a tool which I have come to depend upon. Overwhelming is how I often described prayer and that caused me to neglect prayer and be superficial more often than not. After a bit of a learning curve on what works best for me within PrayerMate, I am released from the feelings of being overwhelmed. I now sincerely look forward to what is on my Prayer List for today & can let go of the guilt that followed me before. I rest assured that each person and/or request God has placed upon my heart is written down & will come up on the Prayer List in due time. I am grateful for this powerful tool!"


Top Prayer Packs

New Functionality

Revamped PrayerMate Platform

The PrayerMate Platform ( got some much needed attention this year, including a revamped landing page and being made responsive to work much better on mobiles. Hopefully it does a much better job of explaining the benefits that it offers to churches, Christian organisations and Mission Agencies in helping them encourage prayer amongst their congregations and supporters:

PrayerMate Share: church integration

Although our "PrayerMate Share" groups functionality quietly launched back in 2018, we spent a lot of time this year revamping the whole process for creating and joining groups, and integrating it with church accounts on the PrayerMate Platform - to help people in church small groups privately share prayer requests with one another. Now churches get a certain number of groups included with their account (depending on which package they sign up for) and the functionality is advertised a lot more publicly within the app. We also introduced "personal groups" for PrayerMate Patrons, which have seen a lot more usage than we anticipated!

Some "PrayerMate Share" stats:


Arguably the biggest change to the core experience of actually "praying" for people in years, this year we launched some new "multicard" functionality. As well as being able to add multiple cards to somebody's entry, you can now also attach from our range of downloadable prayer packs (such as different ways to pray for certain family members, or for unbelievers), and from the Take Words With You database of scriptural prayers and promises.

There is still plenty of work to be done on this new functionality, but the response has largely been extremely positive. You can read more about the motivations behind the project here.

Premier Digital "App of the Year" Finalist

This year PrayerMate was shortlisted for the Premier Digital "App of the Year", and Andy and his wife had the privilege of attending their awards dinner in November.



The Discipleship Tech Team

2019 has been the first full year of having two full time developers, with Ed joining Andy to work on the website and the Android app, thanks to the generosity of all those who supported our crowdfunding campaign. Helen has also been very busy answering the many, many customer support emails - we love hearing from the PrayerMate community, and the passion that they clearly feel!


We are so grateful to God for all that has happened this year - and for the privilege of being able to work full time on this project of using technology to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus. Thank you to you as well for all of your support and encouragement that has made it so worthwhile.

May you have a blessed Christmas and New Year, growing deeper yet in your love of Christ and your appreciation of all that he has done for you.

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