Ever since it launched back in 2011, the PrayerMate app has focussed on helping you pray consistently for yourself, for your loved ones and for God’s world. Its unique “prayer session” functionality means it has always been good at helping you decide who to pray for — and with our new “multicard” update it now does a much better job at helping you decide how you can be praying as well.

Now on every prayer subject you can add multiple cards (for individual requests) but you can also attach “prayer packs” from our growing range of content. We have some excellent prayer packs such as how to pray for your children, for your spouse, for unbelieving family members, for those dealing with mental illness, for your pastor, for your community, plus many more besides. Each time you pray for a subject, each of those prayer packs will automatically rotate to the next item, or you can manually rotate left and right through the pack to pray for different items.

New edit interface

With this new update we have streamlined the interface for editing your prayer content — the old “pencil” icon to edit things has gone, and now you can just tap on anything you want to change: prayer cards, subject names, photos and lists. To remove a card from a subject you can tap into it and press the “bin” icon at the top.

Update: For those migrating from previous versions of the app, any single-card subject with paragraph breaks in the text should have a “Split into multiple cards” button on the “Subject settings” page, should you find it helpful.

Take Words With You: Scriptural Prayers & Promises

This new update also provided an opportunity to rethink the “Take Words With You” functionality, that allows you to find scriptural prayers and promises from an extensive database based on the excellent book by Tim Kerr.

Just like the other prayer packs, you can now attach specific categories from TWWY to specific subjects — for example, when praying about a situation that needs wisdom you could attach the “Promises to Give Guidance” and related “Prayers for Guidance” to that subject. Take Words With You contains many different categories for all kinds of situations, such as “Promises to those who are anxious and afraid”, “Promises to those who fear God”, “Promises to those facing death”, “Promises to give needed provision” and many more besides.

We hope that this update will make this valuable resource even more useful and powerful in helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Next steps

We have been hard at work on this update since the summer and were keen to get it into the hands of users sooner rather than later, but we are well aware that there is still more to be done. In particular, we know that many of you will be keen to be able to create your own personal “prayer stacks” that rotate through different cards each time you pray for somebody (similar to the prayer pack functionality) and also to be able to add specific events to a subject with an associated reminder. Please be patient with us whilst we continue to work on these bells and whistles (and consider donating towards our continued development of the app!)


Due thanks must be given to our many beta testers who have been helping us identify and fix the various issues in this update. This has turned out to be one of the most extensive changes to the app in a number of years, and an update of this magnitude simply would not have been possible without their assistance. Thank you!


We hope and pray that you will find this update helpful as you strive to pray consistently for yourself, for your loved ones and for God’s world. Please feel free to use the “Get in touch”/”Send feedback” button on the app’s “Settings” page any time and let us know what you think of the changes!

PrayerMate is a free app on iOS and Android, and is a ministry of Discipleship Tech, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registered as a Charity in England and Wales (No: 1178838)

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