What is PrayerMate Share?

PrayerMate Share is a new feature within the free PrayerMate mobile app designed to help you privately and securely share prayer requests within a trusted small group. You create a shared list, invite all of your group members, and then any prayer requests that are recorded get synced between all of the group members. You can even log prayer requests from people who don’t use the app and send out the requests via email. The biggest advantage of sharing requests this way is that when you read them, it will be when you are in a more prayerful mind set, rather than having them mixed in with the usual banter or to-do lists such as when using WhatsApp, Facebook or email.

So, how do you get started?

Churches can sign up to PrayerMate Groups at the PrayerMate Platform. Once registered, you can get your church added to the directory and invite your group leaders to create groups.

PrayerMate Share groups can also be created by "PrayerMate Patrons", for a small monthly or annual fee. Once created, you can invite people to join those groups free of charge. Just go to the "Groups" page in the app and choose the "Create a personal group option."

Step 1 — Creating a church group

Church groups are created by going to the "Groups" page in the app. Search for your church and enter the four digit security PIN that you will have been sent when activating your church on the PrayerMate Platform website:

Give you group a name and then you are all set to start inviting people to join it.

Step 2 — Inviting others to your group

On the group's page, press the "Share" button and choose the "Invite new group members" option.

There are two main ways to invite people to join a group:

  1. Sharing the URL

You could choose to do this via your usual means of communication such as WhatsApp or email. You’ll need to make sure that those you share it with have firstly updated to the latest version of PrayerMate. This is the easiest way to invite others if you aren’t with them in person in the same room.

  1. Inviting by QR Code

If you are in the same room as the person and they are next to you then they may find it easier to scan the group QR code. They can go to PrayerMate's "Add" page and scroll to the "Subscribe with QR Code" button at the bottom:

Step 3 — Approving member requests

Once you’ve shared this with the others in your group, you will then need to approve requests to join the group. You should receive a push notification if you have allowed them, or you can just go to your group on PrayerMate's "Groups" page.

There you can see any join requests and you can tap to confirm or reject:

Step 4 — Updating prayer requests

PrayerMate Share works in a number of ways — it works firstly as a method of capturing prayer requests such as at a small group meeting, where one person can record everyone’s prayer requests as they are shared. These can then be updated throughout the week to enable the people in your group to be praying for the right things. Equally, anyone in the group can add a new request in the week which everyone will be alerted to depending on their notifications settings. Each group member should get added to the list automatically as they join, and you can also add people to the list who don’t use PrayerMate or for things which are not people at all.

To add requests, open somebody's subject page and press the "Add something else to pray" button:

The most common type of content you will want to add is a 'blank card', where you can type any requests:

Cards can also be dragged and dropped to reorder them, or dropped on top of each other to create stacks if you want it to show a different card each time you pray for that person.

Step 5 - Tracking situations over time

One of the more recent additions to PrayerMate is the 'card thread'. When you come to pray for the same situation week after week, you often want to quickly replace last week's entry with a new one, but without losing the history of what you have prayed previously. Tap into a card and use the "Archive and replace this card" button to create a new entry, that will be tied together to the previous entry in a thread.

When a situation no longer requires prayer you can use this same button to permanently archive that card. You can see all previously archived cards from across all threads by tapping the subject's "cog" button.

Using PrayerMate Share in your small group

PrayerMate Share has been designed so that it can be easily updated during small group meetings. When you’re all together praying, one person can record everybody’s prayer requests on behalf of the group, or maybe you want to split into two sub-groups, so each sub-group has one person recording prayer requests for the people they’re praying with. Everybody is therefore able to update everybody else’s request to make sure nothing gets missed out!

We hope that helps explain PrayerMate Share. If you have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Contact us at info@prayermate.net.

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