PrayerMate v6 has recently landed on the App Store and Google Play, which introduces a small but powerful new feature: short-term prayer plans. These are a series of high quality content designed to help you pray intensively around a particular topic over a number of days — e.g. 31 Days of Purity, or our 14-day “Learning to Pray” guide by Linda Allcock, working through the Lord’s prayer.

Once you’ve upgraded, head to the “Add +” page of the app and you should find the “Short term prayer plans” gallery.

Right now we only have a couple of these prayer plans, but we hope to add many more over the coming months. Choose your prayer plan, hit subscribe, and you’ll be asked to pick your start date:

By default, you will be notified each day during the prayer plan — but you can turn these off at any time from the “reminders” tab/page of the app.

We hope that these prayer plans will prove a valuable tool in helping you grow in your walk with Christ.

If your organisation publishes some content that you would like to make available through the PrayerMate app, please email

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