The PrayerMate Publishing Platform helps churches and organisations to encourage a culture of prayerfulness amongst their network. It allows you to publish prayer feeds to users of the PrayerMate app, and now through PrayerMate Share it also allows you to invite small group leaders to set up shared lists for securely sharing requests.

The PrayerMate Publishing Platform landing page

The Publishing Platform website has only seen minor incremental change since it first launched back in 2013, and it was sorely in need of some love. Thanks to the addition of a second full-time developer to the Discipleship Tech team, we’ve finally had capacity to give the site the revamp it deserves.

We hope that it will remain familiar to those of you who are used to using the site regularly for updating your prayer feed, whilst also making key information more visible, and better reflecting the range of features available on the site by giving more prominence to PrayerMate Share and your shared lists. Here is a whirlwind tour of some of the key changes to help you adjust.

New Dashboard page

The new Dashboard page

The first change you will be presented with is a new “Dashboard” homepage, letting you see at a glance the current state of your feeds and shared lists associated with your account. This will help you see if you are running out of prayer content, and how your lists are performing.

How to Grow your feed

How to grow your feed

The new “grow” page brings together a lot of separate pages in to one place as separate tabs — show you how to invite others to subscribe to your feed, resources for publicising it, how to submit it to the gallery, and so on.

PrayerMate Share control panel

The new PrayerMate Share homepage

One of the most significant new pieces of functionality in PrayerMate in the past year has been the addition of “shared list” functionality in the form of PrayerMate Share. This allows people to privately share prayer requests with one another in a trusted small group. The new control panel lets you see at a glance all of the lists associated with your account, and easy ways to invite your small group leaders to set up their own lists.

PrayerMate Share is ideal for use by church small groups, and we would strongly encourage you to give it a go in one or two groups at your own church, to see if you want to roll it out more widely. It’s now free to sign up for a church account and you get 3 shared lists included.

Simplified form for adding new prayer points

A more intuitive form for adding prayer points to newsletter feeds

The form for adding new prayer points was always a little confusing — especially for “newsletter” style feeds. The new form hopefully gives more clarity around your different options, in particular the way that new prayer points can either replace what’s already there or be added alongside them.

Social media settings

Social media settings have been moved to a new header menu

All of your account details, including the settings related to your social media integrations with Twitter and Facebook, have now been moved to be together in a dropdown menu accessed from the top right of the site.

New price plans

This one is not strictly related to the redesign, but you may have missed that we recently revamped our price plans. It is now free to set up a “small” account, with up to 50 subscribers and up to 3 small groups (church and organisation accounts only). The main limitation on these free accounts is that we don’t allow free feeds to be submitted to the public feed gallery, since there is an administrative cost to us in curating this gallery.

The other big change is the addition of US Dollar and Australia Dollar price plans to the existing GB Pound Sterling plans.

An overview of our new price plans (also available in USD and AUD)

Let us know what you think!

We hope you enjoy these changes, and please do get in touch to let us know if you have any feedback or questions. We would love to hear from you!

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