A common question we get asked at PrayerMate HQ from organisations getting started with PrayerMate is whether they should create a "group" or a "feed". To answer that, this blog post will talk through some of the key differences and help you decide when each is appropriate.

What is a PrayerMate Feed?

A prayer feed in PrayerMate is a way of sharing prayer requests in one direction with a particular audience - a broadcast mechanism analagous in some ways to a Twitter feed or a Mailchimp newsletter. Prayer requests can be scheduled for a particular date (calendar style) or they can be undated(more like a blog post that remains active until a newer one replaces it).

Feeds can be public (trying to reach as broad an audience as possible) or they can be secure (trying to restrict who can subscribe to only those who have been explicitly approved).

What is a PrayerMate Group?

A group in PrayerMate is a way of helping a group of people pray for each other - a peer-to-peer service analagous to a private WhatsApp group. The prayer requests would usually be about the people who belong to the group, usually written by the group members themselves (although others can update them on their behalf). They are designed to work well in a Church small-group setting.

Should my organisation create a group or a feed?

If you want to centrally administer prayer requests that your audience receives and prays for, then that sounds like you want a feed. If, on the other hand, you want your members to pray for one another, then that sounds more like a group.

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