PrayerMate is a free app to help you be consistent in praying for yourself, for your loved ones, and for God’s world.

PrayerMate just received a massive new update, so here’s a brief summary of the eleven new features which we hope you will enjoy.

They are:

  1. Sync — you can now sign in to PrayerMate to securely sync your data to the cloud.
  2. Secure feeds  — organisations can now create secure feeds where they get to approve exactly who can access their updates.
  3. New home screen — we’ve completely redesigned the home screen to make it much clearer. You can also now jump to a specific item in your prayer session by tapping.
  4. List icon gallery  — if you want to assign one of the built-in icons to one of your lists, you can now do this through the “List settings” page.
  5. Font size setting  — iOS users finally have the option to change the font size of their prayer cards.
  6. Video feeds  — feeds can now incorporate video content, such as the Speak Life feed.
  7. Related content galleries  — churches will soon be able to set up a gallery of related content that will be offered to users after they sign up to the main feed.
  8. Import all  — Android users finally have the option to import all of the .txt text files from a Dropbox folder with one tap.
  9. Spreadsheet importer  — PrayerMate community member Dean Montgomery has built a fantastic open-source tool to let you import a spreadsheet of prayer data and convert it into the correct format for importing in to PrayerMate. Great if you have, for example, a directory of church members.
  10. PrayerMate Send (missionary prayer feeds via email) — much more to come on this one, but PrayerMate Send is a new tool to let Christian workers turn their existing prayer emails into a secure PrayerMate feed. No more unread prayer emails piling up in overflowing inboxes. Church workers & missionaries can sign up to the beta via Massive props to our developer Ed who has been beavering away on this a day a week since the summer whilst managing to balance this with working for a church.
  11. PrayerMate Share (Shared lists / private groups) — again, much much more to come on this one, but this version includes an invite-only trial of the new shared list functionality to allow church small groups to support each other in prayer through the week. Sign up to the beta at

We’re thrilled with the new features that are now here and coming soon. Some of these might feel overdue, but with just one full-time developer sometimes things do take a while! This release has been made possible by your donations, as well as the following generous supporting organisations:

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