This week we are rejoicing in the amazing answer to our prayers, giving thanks to God that we have reached our £50,000 crowdfunding target. So firstly, a massive THANK YOU to all who supported us — whether by donating, by spreading the word, or for praying for us!

PrayerMate’s incredible community is what makes this all worthwhile, and we thought it would be a fitting celebration of that community to ask you to send in some video contributions sharing who PrayerMate helps you pray for. We’re looking for:

  1. A landscape video
  2. The format is: “I’m [name], I’m from [city], and PrayerMate helps me pray for…” — tell us who PrayerMate helps you pray for! See the video above for an example if you need some inspiration. Literally just a word or two is all that’s needed — e.g. “my colleagues”, “my walk with Jesus”, “my neighbours”.
  3. Shorter is probably better! By keeping it brief it’s more likely that we’ll be able to include your contribution unedited.
  4. Please email your video to by 19th May.

Our previous community video: How does PrayerMate help you?

Here’s the video from a few years ago — it was such an encouragement to us to make this, and get to see some of PrayerMate’s community from around the world!

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