Today we are thrilled to announce the update of a significant new PrayerMate update, version 7. It addresses many common feature requests and we pray that it will prove a real benefit to God's church to help you to pray for those around you more faithfully and to care for them better as well.

Here's a brief overview of seven new features in PrayerMate v7:

1. Personal search

As your prayer lists grow longer it can be hard to find somebody's entry when you want to quickly add a new prayer request. Now on the first "My lists" column of the Lists page there is a button to open up a search bar and you can simply type the name of the subject you are looking for.

2. Search for new organisations and content

With over 500 feeds available from different organisations and 30 different prayer packs, it's important that you are able to easily find the content that you are looking for. Now when you type a new topic on the "Add" page you will see a list of search results: either manually add a new subject with that name, or browse the matching feeds, prayer packs or even contacts in your address book (these are handled locally on the device so that you won't be uploading people's details to our servers).

3. Card threads

We know that answered prayer tracking is very high on many people's wish list for PrayerMate. This update contains a stepping stone towards this, allowing you to archive individual prayer cards and introducing the concept of "card threads". When you go to edit a card you will now see a new "Archive and replace this card" button. Tapping this will allow you to archive the current prayer card and immediately replace it like for like with a new blank card - but, importantly, the old card and the new card will be tied together in a 'thread'. Over time, you can see the complete history of how a situation has developed, with timestamped entries at each point. There's also a new "View archived cards" option when you tap the cog button on a subject to view all archived cards for that subject from across all of the different threads.

We have more answered prayer functionality planned for the future but we hope that you will find this already a huge benefit.

4. Event reminders

Many times there are specific events that you want to pray for - a job interview, a doctor's appointment, a particularly difficult meeting. Now when you go to add something to pray for a particular person (using the "+" button on their subject page) you can add a new "Event" type. Enter a title, set a date and a time and you can optionally get a reminder alert when the event happens to remind you to pray. These events are also integrated with the scheduler so that those subjects will appear in your first prayer session on the day of the event.

Our own experience with this new functionality is that it can really help with caring for people well - it is a good prompt to get in touch with people as well as praying for them in these difficult moments.

5. Custom prayer sessions

One of PrayerMate's most distinctive features is its concept of the "prayer session" - automatically selecting subjects for you to pray for each time. You now have even more control over this with a new "Pray for specific lists" button at the bottom of the initial "My Prayer Session" slide. Select one or more lists, decide whether you want your normal scheduling rules to apply (day of the week scheduling, priority levels, etc) and PrayerMate will then generate a new session based just on those lists. You can of course change the number of items you want in your prayer session as normal with the "+"/"-" buttons.

This new functionality is really helpful for all sorts of situations:

6. Standard share sheets on iOS

Now when you go to share content or send a message to the people you're praying for you have the option to use the built-in iOS share sheet, to use other apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

7. French and German translations

Thanks to some amazing volunteers, PrayerMate has been available in the French language for a while now, and in v7 it is also available in German. We are also hard at work on getting our website for organisations and churches translated into German as well.

PrayerMate will follow the language settings on your device. Any existing content will remain in the language you had selected when you installed the app.

Groups functionality fixes

PrayerMate Groups allow you to privately share prayer requests within a small group - ideal for use in church small groups. Any prayer requests that are added are automatically synced to the other members in the group. It is free for members of churches who sign up to the PrayerMate Platform or PrayerMate Patrons can create a personal group through the app and then they can invite others to join that group for free as well.

Over the summer we identified a bug in this functionality that could sometimes cause old data to be uploaded over the top of new information. A fix for this went live some weeks ago - if you have experienced this issue, please make sure that every iOS user in your group has upgraded to at least PrayerMate 6.13.2 and do give it another try. Our system will automatically email you if it identifies that your group is affected by this issue.

Please sign back in to your PrayerMate account

PrayerMate will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and apps have changed a lot in that time. Due to some changes at Apple's end, all iOS users will have been signed out of PrayerMate when they launch for the first time. Please don't be alarmed by this - any previously synced data is perfectly safe. Simply go to PrayerMate's "Settings" tab and choose the "Create an online account / sign in" option to sign back in to your account, and it should resume syncing as normal.

If you've been using PrayerMate recently you may have already done this, in which case you will not need to sign in again when you update to v7. But if this is the first time you have updated in a while then please remember to do this.

Send us your feedback!

We are tremendously excited about this update and we hope you will love it as much as we have enjoyed working on it. We love hearing from PrayerMate users so please do drop us an email to let us know how you are finding it - there is a "Get in touch" button on the settings page of the app.

PrayerMate is a free app available on iOS and Android. It is a ministry of Discipleship Tech, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registered as a Charity in England and Wales (No: 1178838). Our work is made possible by user donations so if you have found it helpful then please consider donating at

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